What are ‘The Jazprose Diaries’?

The name Jazprose has been my social media handle for several years. It’s how the Internet knows me. The Jazprose Diaries is where you’ll find my essays, short stories, and Amanuensis, my novella about Citizen Kane and Herman Mankiewicz told from a woman’s point of view.

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This is the cutting-edge of a new wave in publishing. You can read stories and interact with writers about stories that interest you. You can also read my serialized fiction one chapter at a time. And you can do it as a free subscriber or through a paid monthly subscription that includes everything I write, including premium content. Not ready to spring for a paid subscription? Feel free to buy me a coffee by clicking the button at the end of any story. No pressure ever.

A monthly subscription to Jazprose is $5.00, the minimum amount permitted by Substack. An annual subscription is $30.

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Essays, memoir & commentary by an award-winning writer from the Deep South with priors in print journalism, talk radio, and TV news. Loves jazz. Writes prose. Jazprose.


Andrew Jazprose Hill

Award-winning Southern writer. Loves jazz. Writes prose. Carries a camera. Sails.