Sep 7, 2021 • 11M

A Naked Woman, a Homeless Beggar, and a Crazy Little Thing Called Karma

How an unjust assignment and an unpaid $3000 loan brought back a family lesson from the Great Depression and became much more than a 'Riverdale' TikTok meme or a 'Tempest' in a teapot.

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Literary fiction and essays by an award-winning writer from the Deep South focusing on the current zeitgeist and the news that stays news.
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Susan Hayward in the 1951 movie of David and Bathsheba via IMDB

In one of the many day jobs I’ve held while trying to support the Muse, I was once required to raise $50,000 for the company’s annual charitable giving campaign. I’d never worked as a fundraiser before. And I wasn’t happy about the assignment. I resented the underhanded way the task was added to my job description. And that my pay would be determined by whether I met the goal or not.

What bothered me, even more, was that I was expected to raise this money from call-center employees making well under the state’s median income.

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