Nov 19, 2021 • 11M

Am I White Enough for You?

The movie version of Nella Larsen’s ‘Passing’ asks hard questions about the masks we wear and the tragic cost of pretending. But is this film worth watching?

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Literary fiction and essays by an award-winning writer from the Deep South focusing on the current zeitgeist and the news that stays news.
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Black & White photo of Ruth Negga with blonde hair and a white dress in a tea room with white curtains and table cloths.
Ruth Negga in “Passing.” Eduard Grau, cinematographer. via Netflix via New York Times 

In secret ways rarely noticed or understood by adults, children hurt. When they grow up, those hurts are still with them. Motivating their behaviors in ways they don’t even recognize. The longings born of childhood suffering shape the kind of people we become.

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